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Aurora San Antonino Embroidered Earrings w/filigree

Aurora San Antonino Embroidered Earrings w/filigree

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MexiChicSA earrings originate from San Antonino Velazco, Oaxaca a city known worldwide for embroidery. This embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation and it's truly as treasure of Mexico. The intricate process of embroidered earrings begins with an outline, followed by filling in meticulously with either a shiny or dim thread. The multi-day needling process conveys the details in each earring which makes for the perfect eye-catching statement piece.

The filigree part is made in Juchitan Oaxaca, by twisting gold plated wires to create the inspired Huipil. These earrings are the definition of elegance and tradition.

Filigree + Embroidery = the perfect combination.

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